Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous Insulation (CI)

What is continuous insulation system?

Our Continuous Insulation system is the only patent pending solution to the latest construction energy codes that ads 2” of polystyrene extruded insulation to your wall. This system provides 100% thermal break between interior and exterior of the building.

How much insulation will the CI system add to my wall?

Simple answer: R11.

Each inch of foam adds R5 (we use 2”) plus drainage matt that adds additional R1.

Can continuous Insulation system be used in a residential application?

It is an option for you but most lumber constructed walls with the latest insulating technology meet energy codes and our CI system is not required.

What is a typical application for CI System?

Usually our CI system is installed on commercial jobs in steel stud and gypsum sheeting wall construction.

Doesn’t the screw provide thermal transmittance?

We achieve 100% thermal break by using none condensate eyelet (washer), and foam drainage matt.

What is a button plate?

Button plate is basically a structural 16-gauge L shape galvanized steel with screw holes 16” on center, that in combination with special screws creates safe fastening substrate to receive our Metal Grids, laths for Thickset system, or even cement stucco and other siding cladding materials.

Why can’t I just fasten your DMG of MCS panel directly to the stud, thru the foam with longer screws

Please keep in mind that foam dose not have any structural values. When combined with gypsum sheeting, you would be overhanging the system approximately 2 ½” away from the stud, point of fastening. We do not believe this is a good idea and we have never met an engineer that would sign off on such installation.

How strong is the CI System? How much will it hold?

With a use of our structural Batten Plates and special screws, based on our tests we can hang about 450 LB per square foot of material in the worst case scenario. In a more typical setting (no strapping), system will hold up to 650LB per square foot.


How do I install Batten Plate in to the foam? Does the foam need to be notched?

If you buy the foam from us it will come notched every 16” on center. Simply press it in place, or if you find that a bit difficult, it can be tapped in place using a rubber mallet.

Do I need to frame my wall in a special way to receive Continuous Insulation System?

There is always an option of strapping entire wall every 16” OC for easier installation. We understand that this will add some extra cost to your job, so we recommend to do at least strapping inside and outside corners. This will assure proper Batten Plate installation in those locations.