Frequently Asked Questions

Installations & Systems

I’m a Home owner, Can I Handle the job?

Absolutely! Over the years we watched many people with different levels of construction skills using our metal grid system. Pride and sense of achievement is priceless.

Which system should I use?

Out of all the systems that we sell, our Designer Metal Grid (DMG) panel system is the easiest, most convenient and cost effective, and by far the most popular. However, if moisture control is a concern, our MCS system should be given serious consideration. Continuous Insulation System (CI) adds a layer of 2” polystyrene insulation with proper fastening system to meet latest building codes.

Do you have installers in my area?

Brick It does not install nor it has any installers on payroll. We probably have customers that have purchased our products in your area but since we haven’t seen finished project, we can not speak to the quality of the work or the contractor’s working ethics.

You can seek a local trusted contractor with skills in stucco installations, carpentry, tile, masonry or a handy man, and they should be able to help you.

I’m a skilled contractor, Why should i use Brick-It’s panel system?

Added strength, ease of installation and the most importantly speed. Just for comparison; skilled installer using conventional system like thin or thickset can set about 250 to 350 thin bricks in a day, but using metal grids that will increase from 1100 to 1400 pcs. Ohh, and most of the work is being done by one mechanic and rest of the crew consists of helpers. It’s cost effective.

What type of contractors do this kind of work?

The answer will depend on the type of your project, but Stucco Contractors, Masons, Carpenters, and Tile Setters are capable of handling the installation. We have also seen Landscapers, Plumbers, Electricians and Painters do the same. Please do your research before you decide.

Can Brick It panel system be used with other manufacturer’s brick?

Yes. It must conform to one of the US standard sizes and appropriate panels to match that size.