Frequently Asked Questions

Insulated Panel System

What is Insulated Panel System?

Thin Bricks are preinstalled on EPS foam panel. Panels interlock with each other using tong and groove design and it is fasten to a wall using our patented clip.

Insulated Panel System was Brick-It’s first invention in the early eighties. It earned us two US Patents based on which Brick It Company was formed. Our IPS system is currently being replaced by more advanced Continuous Insulation System.

I saw a fake brick panel somewhere. How does that compare to Brick It products?

Fake brick panels, fake bricks or brick wall papers, have their own place on the market and should not be compared to a real brick. Detailed quotes should be obtained in your decision making process.

Does panelized system install faster since the bricks are already preinstalled?

In practice, that is not the case at all. Panelized systems do have their limitation and are difficult to detail around corners, windows and are nearly impossible to work with on chimneys and columns. Bricks can not be adjusted and small infill pieces are often visible creating improper architectural details.

If your project is a large warehouse with large flat walls and limited amount of doors and windows, in theory that installation process might be a bit faster. Also, if that warehouse is located by a highway where it is mostly visible from a distance or from a fast moving vehicle, details might not matter. You decide…