Frequently Asked Questions

Moisture Control (MCS)

What’s moisture control system?

This system has all the futures of our Metal Grid System with moisture management capabilities. The idea is to take 100% of water from the front of the panel, and redirect it to the back every 8”. We accomplish that with strategically placed offset weep holes.

What’s the purpose of the drainage matt?

Our high impact drainage matt provides rapid exit for water which is naturally absorbed by brick and keeps free air flow between the veneer and the wall.

Why did you switch from a round holes to rectangular ones?

During our system developments and testing, we discovered that water tends to go around a round hole and not in it. This is especially true when the hole is punched from the back of the panel that creates a microscopic lip. Based on that finding we have redirected the direction and shape of the punch.

How thick is the drainage matt?

We offer three sizes: 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/2”. 3/16’ one seems to be the most popular one among our customers.

Which water barrier should I use?

We are not a water barrier manufacturer and will not be your best resource for that question. There are many on the market. Lately there seem to be a standard to use two layers of something. One could be a roll on applied and another paper or two layers of paper etc. There are actually 2- ply papers on the market where two sheets of paper unroll together from a roll. Please pay extra attention to your water barrier, as this is the step that stops the moisture, not the brick and mortar.

Is MCS system more expensive than DMG?

It is a bit. Drainage matt has extra system components and the galvanized coating is a higher grade. We say that it is like an insurance policy, and the only way to know if its worth to purchase it is to quote it. The choice is yours.