Frequently Asked Questions

Thin Set

What is Thin-Set system?

Thin set system is a traditional method of tile installation. Tile is being installed using specially formulated Thin-set adhesives directly to substrate.

Is thin set system less expansive in comparison to other systems?

For interiors, Thin-Set system is the least expensive system on the market. Some Thin-Set components designed specifically for exteriors could be vey costly erasing any reasonable arguments for its application. This laborious process was designed with tile in mind, which is about half the weight and thickness of a thin brick. Bricks often slide and shimming might be required. Savings in material costs are typically lost on the labor end. For comparison, mechanic using thin-set system will install on average of 250-350 thin bricks in a day where that same mechanic can install 1,200-1,400 brick using one of our Metal Grid Systems. Often customers that choose this system for their thin brick installation, will get discouraged in the middle of the project and will switch to our Metal Grid System.

Most Thin-Set, Thin Brick installation jobs look like the one shown in the photograph below.

Who uses the Thick Set system?

This is a traditional method for thin veneer installation that is used by contractors. It requires some knowledge and experience of the masonry trade. Most contractors will use this system to install thin stones but for thin brick they will use one of our metal grid systems for its ease and speed of installation. Although Thick-Set System is an option, it is not a preferred method for thin brick installations.

What is the proper application for Thin-Set system?

We recommend using Thin-Set system on the floor veneer installation.