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Slx100 Sealer, Prosoco

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Low VOC deep penetrating water, oil & stain blocker

Consolideck® SLX100® Water & Oil Repellent <350 combines effective water and oil repellency on densified concrete with VOC levels low enough to be used in every U.S. state, including most of California. This modified “neat” silane system prevents staining by waterborne and oily substances, and provides invisible protection and low volatility.

The small molecular structure of SLX100 <350 permits maximum penetration at coverage rates higher than that of conventional silanes. Depth of penetration is controlled by the application rate (loading rate). This makes SLX100 <350 ideal for protecting hardened, densified concrete, and other dense substrates.

FORM: Clear liquid, slight solvent odor


ACTIVE CONTENT: 93 percent

pH: not applicable

WEIGHT/GALLON: 7.60 pounds

FLASH POINT: 80 degrees F (27 degrees C) ASTM D 3278

FREEZE POINT: less than -22 degrees F (less than -30 degrees C)

VOC CONTENT: Reactive Penetrating Sealer: maximum content is 350 grams per Liter.

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