Wall Thin Brick


It is also known as salvaged, reclaimed, antique, recovered, historic and old brick. In essence, it is brick obtained from dismantled or demolished buildings which stood 40 to 250 years in the Milwaukee (Cream City) and the west bank of Lake Michigan. Each lot, by nature, is limited, and they are often gathered from particular buildings of historical significance. The appearance is slightly irregular, hand-molded and worn-looking producing the artisan-installed brickwork look. Esthetically this product delivers warmth and unique feel but it is important to remember that it is does not meet today’s ASTM standards. Bricks are fragile, some are cracked and half and/or partial pieces or are found in boxes. We recommend purchasing approximately 10% (+-) over the required quantities and using common bond pattern in order to minimize waste. 


This veneer is cut out of a full recycled brick. By default, we cut all our veneer to 5/8”. Upon request, we can adjust the thickness to meet customer’s requirment. That especially becomes useful for architectural details such as decorative Rollack bands, Coins and chimney details.  

Order Sample


We highly recommend acquiring a sample board of your Thin brick color and texture prior to purchasing this product. Please note that the board represents product's color and texture only. For more accurate finished product display, field mock-up panels should be taken into consideration.

  • The Sample Board Dimensions are 13 x 13.
  • Each Sample Board Contains 6 Pieces of Modular Thin Brick Tile.
  • Image of the Sample Boards, might not represent the specific color and texture of the product you are purchasing.
$15.99 (per sample board)
Modular is the most common size for this product

Available shapes and sizes

H – High, L – Length, R – Return, T – Thickness

Thin Brick
Thin Brick Corner, 90 Deg.
Edge Cap

Note: Product colors are illustrated as accurately as photographic & digital reproduction techniques allow. Final color selection should be made from actual product samples. Please contact us to order your thin brick samples.

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