Thick Set System

The Thick Set system is a traditional way of installing thin brick, tile, etc. It's very well known among masonry and tile contractors. Prior to placing the brick, the installer must prepare the wall by installing a scratch coat over a self-furring galvanized metal lath, followed by another leveling coat. While placing the brick, the installer must keep them aligned and spaced properly. This procedure is used on interior and exterior walls and on masonry, concrete, steel or wood stud framing.

Although it is not complicated to install, this system requires more masonry skill and knowledge than when using one of the Brick-It™ systems.

The Brick-It™ systems are easier and quicker to install, require less clean up, create perfectly aligned bricks with less effort and skill. Read more on Why Brick-It™ page

Note: The information presented here is an overview. For more information and complete installation instructions on all the systems, go to the following links or speak to a Brick-It™ representative.

Thick Set System

Thick Set System


Ceramic tile installation techniques are often used to install the brick units:
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