Metal Grid, Moisture Control System (MCS)

The Brick-It™ Moisture Control System (MCS) is the only system in the world that was especially designed to answerall moisture concerns and for which was awarded a US & Canada Patent. Brick-It™ MCS is the best way to install exterior thin brick because the metal grid was designed to:

  • Brick It MCS system is the only thin brick veneer installation system that was awarded US Patent for its water and moisture drainage capabilities.
  • High impact drainage mat provides rapid exit for water which is naturally absorbed by brick.
  • Create perfectly aligned brick veneer every time, and the interlocking feature and structural panel shape provides equal weight distribution of the bricks, reinforces the building corners and gives additional support to the wall itself.
  • Offset panel weep holes redirect 100% of water every 8 inches (vertically) from the front to the back of the panel.
  • Drainage matt drains the water and keeps it free air flow between the veneer and the wall.
  • Compartmentalized channels promote pressure equalization.
  • Rectangular weep holes punched from the front of the panel assure that water goes in to it and not around it.

3D System View

Please click on the image below to see all details of our system in a 3D presentation.

The Brick-It™ Patented Panel (MCS)

United States Patent #8,141,310
Florida Product Approval #FL14427

The Brick-It™ Moisture Control System (MCS) it is designed based on our DMG panel with additional functionality. It has all the features of that panel but in addition it has a higher-grade galvanization of a Steel Mill Certified G-90 (non-corrosive). Further, it has strategically placed weep holes that collect water from the front of the panel and redirect it to the back of it. The offset weep hole configuration ensures 100% water collection every eight inches of the wall. Recently we have switched to a square weep hole shape to warrant a better water collection. From our testing and experience we have learned that water tends to go around a rounded puncture and not into it. Further, all of our weep whole punches are structed from the front of the panel torts the back to ensure that any punch burrs do not create water draining obstacles. In the rear of the panel is the drainage matt that is responsible for water drainage and air circulation. High Impact drainage matts are available in various cavity depths to match your specification however, most popular among our customers seems to be 3/16”.

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