Metal Grid, Moisture Control System (MCS)

The Brick-It™ Moisture Control System (MCS) is the only system in the world that was especially designed to answerall moisture concerns and for which was awarded a US & Canada Patent. Brick-It™ MCS is the best way to install exterior thin brick because the metal grid was designed to:

  • Allow simple, fast and efficient installation
  • Create perfectly aligned brick veneer every time and, the interlocking feature and structural panel shape provides equal weight distribution of the bricks, reinforces the building corners and gives additional support to the wall itself.
  • Keeps free air flow between the veneer and the wall.
  • Offset weep holes drain 100% of water every 8 inches.
  • High impact mat provides rapid exit for water which is naturally absorbed by brick
  • Compartmentalized channels promote pressure equalization

The Brick-It™ Patented Panel (MCS)

United States Patent #8,141,310
Florida Product Approval #FL14427

The Brick-It™ Moisture Control System (MCS). The panel is a Mill Certified, G-90 Galvanized (non-corrosive) Metal formed to a patented Structural shape to align brick courses and to support and ensure a mechanical bond of each brick in place. It was created to make the installation of thin brick easy and durable. The shelves are for supporting the bricks and create perfect mortar lines. The interlocking edges found every 8 ¼” at the top and bottom of each panel become triple metal shelves that provide additional support to each grid and reinforce the wall as well. The interlocking edges produce level and straight horizontal lines creating perfectly aligned bricks every time. Mortar anchoring slots ensure a bonding to the grid, and the linear array of holes is designed for adhesive providing a mechanical attachment between the brick, grid and substrate. Roll formed continues ledges make this panel extremely rigid. In addition the need for starter channels, special corner panels and other is entirely eliminated. The Brick-It™ Patented Panel system is the simplest, most user friendly and the strongest thin brick installation system available.

Weep Holes are strategically placed on all ledges to collect and weep out water (naturally absorbed by brick) to the back of the panel. High impact drainage mat which is installed in the back of the panel promotes rapid drainage, allows equal air pressure (at front and back of the veneer) and Free Air Flow contributes to the wall ventilation.

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