Ronald Trezza - About Brick It™

Ronald Trezza the inventor of our installation systems, talks about real thin brick and early days of Brick It™.

DMG System Installation

How To Video about Brick-It’s Thin Brick Installation Process.

DMG System.

Brick It Commercial

Besides our Thin Brick line we also own Mohawk Stucco, that has been serving Long Island for over 90 years, and distribute Cultured Stone. The Cultured Stone of The Cultured Stone industry.

Reclaimed & Used Thin Brick Products

Our Planet, Our Responsibility!

Customer’s Home Made Video

This young couple found a perfect weekend DYI Brick It project, subsequently saving money by installing it them self.

Customer’s Installation Experience, Home Made Video

This customer enjoyed his Brick It Installation process so much that he decided to create his own installation video.

Part 1 of Archived Brick It Installation Video

Part 2 of Archived Brick It Installation Video

Part 3 of Archived Brick It Installation Video.

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Jason Cameron and former NFL great Tony Siragusa offer ideas for the ultimate man caves

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“The best material for the job is brick veneer, or thin brick, typically between a half-inch…"


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