Continuous Insulation & Moisture Control System (CI)

The Brick-It™ Continuous Insulation & Moisture Control System (CI) was designed to meet 2012 International Building Code (IBC). Brick-It™ CI system provides the simplest and best way to install insulated exterior thin brick because:

  • Minimizes the temperature differential between the cavity and the stud, reducing heat loss, and increasing the effective R-value of the wall system by R5 per each inch of the insulation thickness.
  • The use of Eyelets around batten plate fasteners provides 100% thermal break.
  • Batten Plates allows use of insulation of up to 6" thick.
  • Provide better protection against water intrusion, reduces material degradation and extends the service life of the home or building.

3D System View

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The Brick-It™ Continuous Insulation (CI)

United States Patent #9,512,621
Florida Product Approval #FL14427

The Brick-It™ Moisture Control System (CI) combines our DMG’s structural and ease of installation features, with our Moisture Control System’s capabilities and adds additional continues insulation properties to meet the latest building codes often required in commercial applications.

The main difference and features of the system is with the materials and installation methods of the system components prior to thin brick panel installation. Two-inch notched XPS foam is installed over the water barrier protected wall, and it is being held in place by batten plate assembly. We align the center of the batten plate hole with the center of the wall stud and fasten it with heavy duty fasteners that can resist overhang (none structural materials gap) that exists between the point fastening to the stud, and the veneer. Typically, 2 ½” +/- depending on job conditions. Thermal none conductive Eyelet creates a 100% thermal break between interior and exterior wall assembly components. XPS foam comes pre-notched every 16” to match wall stud placement. Optional framing stud strapping can provide additional ease in installation, but it does increase cost of the framing part of the project. Therefore, we recommend strapping of the inside and outside corners at the minimum, to ensure having structural wall framing component to drive the batten plate fastener to, as the foam thickness might interfere with batten plate and the wall stud alignment in those areas. Typically, in this type of assembly we like to use XPS drainage matt as it adds another R1 of insulation, and it acts as one more water barrier behind the veneer. Metal panels are then secured to the batten plates using none corrosive fasteners. Power tools and fully automatic fastening systems are always recommended to speed the process of Brick It Panel installations.

Brick It patented Continues Insulation method provides substrate for our Thin Brick assemblies, but it can also be used in combination of a Thickset systems to install Thin Stone and traditional cementitious Stucco veneers.

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