A contemporary twist on a timeless palette, the Classic Color series has rich glossy or matte finishes with subtle color variations. It is at home as a backsplash, fireplace surround, or in a bathroom.

*Product usually ships within 6-8 weeks. Minimum order 400 sqft.

Thin Brick
Thin Brick Corner, 90 Deg.

Modular size shown in the picture is most common for wall veneering.

Daily Cleaning

  1. Glazed brick can be cleaned daily using a damp sponge and a neutral detergent cleaner, rinsing and drying thoroughly.
  2. Commercial bathroom cleaners and a white nylon scrub pad can be used for more stubborn stains.
  3. Marker stains can be removed using denatured alcohol (ethanol). Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and precautions.• Do not use any agents that contain dyes or colors.• Do not use abrasive, oil based or wax materials. • Sealers are not recommended for this glazed brick.• Always test cleaners in a small

Our glazed brick is designed and produced to be nearly maintenance-freeand should not require an extensive cleaning protocol

Note: Product colors are illustrated as accurately as photographic & digital reproduction techniques allow. Final color selection should be made from actual product samples.

Order Mortar Color Sample

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Mortar Sample Color:

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