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2010 All Surface Cleaner, Prosoco

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Multiple-use cleaner and degreaser

Enviro Klean®  2010 All Surface Cleaner is a “next-generation” product for cleaning and degreasing light-to-heavily soiled stone, tile, masonry and much more.

Powerful enough for industrial use, flexible enough for jobs around the home, space-saving EK 2010 replaces a host of individual cleaning agents. It’s dilutable for home-use on windows, bathroom tub and tile, countertops and more. It’s concentrated for the toughest industrial cleaning jobs on concrete, metal and many other plant and warehouse surfaces.

Cleans and degreases light-to-heavily soiled stone, tile, masonry and much more.
Effectively removes moderate biological staining.
Dilutable for jobs around the home.
Contains no harsh acids, caustics or solvents.

Word From Brick It:
Product is recommended for removing organic material off masonry products. If you just completed brick work on a house that didn’t have gutters and dirt got splashed back on the veneer, this would

FORM: Clear Green liquid



pH: 10.5 Typical Rinse water 7.8 - 8.2

WT./GAL.: 8.90 lbs.

FLASH POINT: > 200 degrees F (> 93 degrees C) ASTM D 3278

FREEZE POINT: 32 degrees F (0 degrees C)

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