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Designer Metal Grid Panel

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The Brick-It™ Designer Metal Grid System (DMG) is the original patented, Brick-It™ panel system and is our most popular. It’s the best way to install thin brick because the patented metal grid was designed to:

Create Perfectly Aligned Brick Veneer Every Time

Allow Simple, Fast And Efficient Installation For Everyone, Industry Professionals & DIY Enthusiasts

And, The Interlocking Feature And Structural Panel Shape Provides Equal Weight Distribution Of The Bricks, Reinforces The Building Corners And Gives Additional Support To The Wall Itself

> United States Patent #4,773,201
> Florida Product Approval #FL14427

We recommend hanging the panel using one fastener per each brick row, every 16” on center. That calculates to 12 fasteners per panel or 4.5pcs per sqft.

Metal Grid Panels Accommodates:

Brick Face Height - 2¼” (MOD, STA, NOR, SAX), Panel Height 8” x 48” Long, Covers 2.66 sq ft

Brick Face Height - 2½” (Cultured Brick & Modified Standard), Panel Height 9” x 48” Long, Covers 3.00 sq ft

Brick Face Height - 2⅝ & 2 ¾ (MST, MNR, QUE, KIN, EMD, EST, HMO, KGS), Panel Height 9.6” x 48” Long, Covers 3.2 sq ft

Brick Face Height - 3⅝ (CLO, UTI, TIT, SQU, DUT), Panel Height 12” x 48” Long, Covers 4 sq ft

Most popular and common brick is called Modular (MOD) with face dimensions of 2¼” x 7⅝”, and Hand Made Oversize (HMO) 2¾” x 8½” for our Hand-Molded products.

Brick-It’s Systems accommodate all brick sizes listed below:

Modular (MOD) 2¼” x 7⅝”

Standard (STA) 2¼” x 8”

Norman (NOR) 2¼” x 11⅝”

Saxon (SAX) 2¼” x 15”

Modified Standard (MST) 2½” x 8” - Special Order

Modified Norman (MNR) 2½” x 11⅝” - Special Order

Queen (QUE) 2⅝” x 7⅝”

King (KIN) 2¾” x 9⅝”

Engineer Modular (EMD) 2¾” x 7⅝”

Engineer Standard (EST) 2¾” x 8”

Handmade Oversize (HMO) 2¾” x 8½”

Kingstone (KGS) 2¾” x 11⅝”

Closure/Econo (CLO) 3⅝” x 7⅝”

Utility (UTI) 3⅝” x 11⅝”

Titan (TIT) 3⅝” x 15⅝”

8-Square (SQU) 7⅝” x 7⅝”

Double Utility (DUT) 7⅝” x 11”

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