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In ten months of testing by professional contractors, paper can’t begin to compare with the dramatic performance of the DuraRasp on EPS foam walls! 12-grit proved to be only marginally better than 16-grit, but still no comparison to the long lasting DuraRasp.

Rasping a EIFS EPS foam wall may be done with any of our DuraRasp rasp hand held rasping tools or by attaching self adhering our abrasive rasp paper to a standard rasp tool.

Designed Especially to Rasp EIFS EPS Foam Walls

Heavy, Brazed #12 Tungsten Grit Rasp
4 Most Popular Sizes, DR214, DR414, DR614, DR814
Non-Foam Gouging , Rounded Corners
Custom-Crafted and Serial-Numbered
DuraRasp Lasts 100 Times Longer than Rasp Paper
Comfort-Grip Plastic Handles

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