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Dry Cut Tile Saw, iQTS244

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World’s First Dry Cut Tile Saw With Integrated Dust Control!

No Water. No Mess. No Problem.

The iQTS244 is a 254mm dry cut tile saw for professional contractors, designed to eliminate problems with cutting wet, save time, and increase your profitability on tile jobs. With fully-integrated dust collection technology, this innovative tool allows you to cut tile inside or outside with no water and no dust. This 10-inch, dry cut tile saw saves one hour per day or more in costly setup & cleanup time while keeping the operator dry. Additionally, the saw meets OSHA 2016 silica standard.

How does it cut dry without water?
Tile pros know: heat is a factor. So how can you cut tile dry without water cooling the blade?
The answer is Q-Drive blade with Cool Cut Technology.
Through years of experience and testing, we have perfected our proprietary blade with the perfect ratio of high diamond to metal powder concentration. Our Cool Cut Technology, combined with the built-in vacuum on the iQTS244™ , keeps the blade cool while cutting.

Cutting Dry is a Game Changer

  • Cutting dry will change your cutting operation, making your business more profitable.
  • No hoses, buckets or tarps to set up
  • Cut right at the work area no matter the size
  • Operator stays dry, no splashback, no mess
  • Tiles stay dry, lay cuts immediately
  • No slurry cleanup, no water disposal

Vacuum System

  • High output vacuum
  • Saw automatically starts vacuum
  • Cyclone technology tested to capture over 99.5% of dust
  • 92 CFM high output vacuum

  • Filter System
    Dust Containment
    Portability Like No Other Tile Saw
    Cool To The Touch
    NOTE: Standard 10” blades with a 5/8” arbor are not compatible with this saw
  • Three-stage filtration
  • Quick-Spin® filter for easy cleaning
  • iQ Dura Bond filter
  • Empty dust tray once a day
  • Easy cleanup and recycling
  • This tool is designed for efficiency and not just cutting
  • Can be set up and ready to work in virtually any location in less than 2 minutes
  • Set up in small spaces
  • Easy to transport
  • No water source required
  • Blade stays cool to the touch
  • No warping or wandering
  • Precision cuts match the quality of a wet blade

What’s Included

  • iQ Power Tools iQTS244 10” Dry-Cut Tile Saw
  • iQTS244 X-Stand
  • 10” Q-Drive Combination Material Blade
  • Operator’s manual

IQ Power Tools IQTS244 Dry Cut Tile Saw

Voltage : 120V
Total System Amperage : 17amps
Saw Motor Amperage : 1.5hp/12amps
Vac Motor Amperage : 0.8hp/5amps
Saw Weight : 93 lbs
Blade Size : Q-Drive 10” Blade
Filter Type : iQ Dura Bond Cartridge
Rip Cut Capacity : 24”
Diagonal Cut Capacity : 18”
Cutting Depth : 1”
Dust Capacity : 11 lbs or over 500 linear feet
Saw Dimensions : 27"W x 34"L x 28"H

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