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Mohawk Premium Color Packet For Finish Coat

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Choice of 17 Colors
MOHAWK colors are the best non-fading synthetic color pigments available today. When choosing your colors, great care should be given as to the exact color range that will meet your needs. Color such as light shades of buff, light creams, light earth tones and light pastels offer good color consistency; dark tones do not weather as well.

Before applying, check all walls for cracks; if any repair. Wet walls with clean water and apply 1/4 - inch of stucco. MOHAWK Stucco is made to be applied by towel. If a float finish it to be applied, we recommend a rubber float or a plastic foam float. If a greater thickness is required, apply 1/4 inch each time. ALWAYS wet the base before applying a new coat of stucco. When job is done, for spray for 24 hrs if possible.

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