Thin Brick Pointing Mortar



Thin Brick Pointing Mortar

ASTM C 270 - Standard Specification for Mortar for Unit Masonry; specially formulated mortar mix.

temporary protection and heat can be provided for a minimum of 36 hours
after installation.
voids. When mortar attains a firm consistency joints shall be tooled.
seal mortar to edges of brick. Strike the vertical joints first than
horizontal joints. Provide concave finish. Fill voids.

  1. Allow adhesive to fully cure before mortaring joints.
  2. Use clean, cold water to mix mortar. Flush hoses regularly; especially during warm weather.
  3. Slightly dampen bricks before mortaring; especially during hot weather.
  4. Mix properly and test a sample area.
  5. Do not apply mortar to brick panel system when the ambient

    outdoor temperature is below 36 degrees F (2.2 degrees C) unless

  6. Apply mortar into horizontal joints first, then vertical

    joints. Over fill joints with sufficient mortar to avoid leaving any

  7. Use the joint tool supplied with the mortar kit to strike

    joints. Press the tool against the joint and strike joint to fill and

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