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Vana Trol Cleaner, Prosoco

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Sensitive brick & stone cleaner
Sure Klean® Vana Trol® is a concentrated acidic cleaner for new masonry surfaces that are subject to vanadium, manganese and other metallic stains. Vana Trol® is designed to simplify rinsing and reduces potential for efflorescence.

A word from Brick It:

This is our most commonly used brick cleaner for a majority of the Brick It products but:

Please be sure to read product data sheets. Test the product and your cleaning method to confirm that it meets your expectations on a mockup wall, or in area of your project that negative results can be sacrificed. The manufacturer’s technical customer care toll-free number is 800-255-4255

FORM: Clear amber liquid with pungent odor


pH: 0.3 (1:6 dilution)

WEIGHT/GALLON: 9.20 pounds

ACTIVE CONTENT: not applicable

TOTAL SOLIDS: not applicable

FLASH POINT: not applicable

FREEZE POINT: less than -22 degrees Fahrenheit (less than -30 degrees Celsius)

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