We at Brick-It™ like to base everything on facts. We do not intend to make our products look more appealing by offering exaggerated warranties based on unproven ideas, theories or probabilities. Although brick longevity is well known to everyone, we understand that our DMG system might not be to a Brick-It™ novice. First buildings were veneered with Brick-it systems in early 1980’s and their veneers still perform today without any flaws. You can apply for your Brick-It™ warranty for up to the time specified on the time counter bellow:

25years 1month 8days 18hours 14minutes 50seconds

We know for sure that our product lasts at least the time specified above and feel very confident that it’ll last even longer. We feel very comfortable warranting it for that period of time and counting. This clock counter has been implemented on the day our Brick-It™ (DMG) panel idea was recognized by United States Patent and Trademark Office. Our Factual Warranty provides our customers with a Single Source Responsibility for all materials supplied by Brick-It™. Ask Brick-It™ representative for details.

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