DMG system is the easiest and fastest thin brick installation system on the market today making it number one contractor’s and DYI enthusiast’s choice. Roll formed continues ledges make this panel extremely rigid it doesn’t require additional accessories. It adapts to building corners and small window returns. Interlocking design makes it a perfect choice for small and large projects. It’s available for all brick sizes.

  • United States Patent #4,773,201
  • Florida Product Approval #FL14427

This is the only thin brick system on the market today that was awarded a US patent specifically for its moisture control management design. It redirects 100% of water from the front of the panel to the back, every three brick courses. High impact drainage mat (installed in the back) promotes rapid drainage, allows free air flow that contributes to wall ventilation.

  • United States Patent #8,141,310
  • Florida Product Approval #FL14427

This panelized system is ideal for open space, large type applications. Bricks are attached to foam panels making the installation extremely fast. This application delivers brick appeal and delivers energy saving advantage.

  • United States Patent #4,641,473
  • United States Patent #5,009,051

Thick set system is known as a conventional lath and plaster installation process. It is typically a much slower process then the systems shown above but it is a perfect way to install irregular veneers such as clinker brick or stone.

  • Traditional system.

Thin set system is generally known as a tile setting system. It uses similar polymer modified setting materials, it doesn’t require lath and veneer is adhered directly to the wall. Typically this system is not recommended for exterior applications.

  • Traditional system.


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“The best material for the job is brick veneer, or thin brick, typically between a half-inch..."


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