Drainage Mat DC14



DC14 Drainage Mat was designed following rain screen principles to allow ample space for drainage and drying between exterior wall cladding and wall sheathing. With drainage channels on both sides, it permits easy drainage for water and allows air movement between the cladding and sheathing to help keep the wall dry. It is ideal behind exterior claddings that are closely attached to the wall sheathing, such as traditional stucco, stone, thin brick veneer, and siding. Because DC14 is made of extruded polystyrene (XPS), it does not absorb moisture and is not a food source for mold.

● Provides for drainage
● Allows air movement for drying
● Drainage channels on both sides
● Lightweight
● Easy to handle and cut
● Compatible with stucco, stone, fiber cement, wood and vinyl claddings
● Does not absorb moisture
● Virtually unrestricted drainage and drying

Product Data Property Test Method Value General Nominal Thickness (in) 1/4 Nominal Bundle Dimensions (ft) 4 x 48 fanfold Water Vapor Permeance (perm) ASTM E 96 (Desiccant Method) 1.1 Water Absorption, Max. (% by volume) ASTM C 272 0.2 Drainage Efficiency3 (% water drained) ASTM E 2273 93.0% Weight (lb/1000 ft2 ) 54 Recommended Service Temp., Max. (˚F) 165 Thermal Thermal Resistance, R–value1 ( o F.ft2.hr/Btu) ASTM C 518 (@75o F Mean Temperature) 1.0 Fire & Smoke Flame Spread2 Smoke Developed2 ASTM E 84 / UL723 25 (Class A) 250

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