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Keene LathNet

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LathNet is a metal lath and drainage plane system that provides a continuous drainage plane between the lath and weather resistant barrier. The Masonry Advisory Council recommends that in exterior adhered masonry wall systems, a drainage mat be installed to drain any water that has penetrated to the flashing. A galvanized expanded metal lath, or diamond mesh, should be attached atop the drainage mat.

  • Faster installation and fewer wall penetrations than installing a drainage plane and lath separately
  • Combines proven components in an engineered and tested system
  • Factory assembly ensures consistent quality
  • Clearly shows 1” minimum lath overlap to comply with ASTM C847
  • Promotes full lath encapsulation without clogging the drainage plane
  • Drainage mesh provides an effective mortar barrier to prevent bridging
  • Continuous drainage plane allows rapid, unrestricted moisture flow to the weep holes
  • Allows unrestricted air flow behind the lath to help promote drying
  • Assembled in the USA from 100% USA-made materials

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