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PBH Washer Flat

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“PM” refers to Polymer Modified. Traditionally, Class PM EIFS use extruded polystyrene insulation (XEPS), and a thick, cementitious base coat applied over mechanically attached glass fiber reinforcing mesh. The system has joints similar to traditional stucco. PM EIFS have evolved to include different insulation materials and base coats. A standard finish is used although an elastomeric finish can be used to bridge hairline cracks that may occur in the thicker base coat.

The DP300 EIFS PM, polymer modified, washer is a high-density, polypropylene washer designed also to be used for securing fiberglass mesh, wire mesh, or expanded lath over foam insulation boards. This is an excellent EIFS washer for attaching rigid insulation board to various substrates and poly-modified stucco applications. The DP300 washer is NOT recommended for polymer-based systems. The DP300 EIFS fasteners can be screwed, nailed, or shot.

  • Low-Profile Washer Design; Seats Flush
  • Key Holes Create Strong EIFS Base Coat Mechanical Bond
  • Large, 1-3/4” Head Diameter for Extra Windload Holding
  • Strong, Polypropylene Material Provides Impact Resistance and Long Life
  • Used for Foam, Plaster, Lath and Plastic Lath Attachment

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