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Papercut type of brick is real clay kiln-fired veneer thin brick. Veneer thin bricks have a unique finish on their face which is accomplished through blasting the brick with a coating the column of clay before the firing process. After the extrusion process, the brick is covered by a sheet of kraft paper. Wire cutters are then used to cut right through the kraft paper and the brick clay material, creating individual bricks with an irregular edge shape. The adhered sand adds a light texture to an otherwise smooth brick. It’s available in corners and edge caps.

The modular size shown in the picture is most common for wall veneering.

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Thin Brick
Thin Brick Corner, 90 Deg.

Extruded bricks are typically manufactured to conform to the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard Specification C 216, Exterior Grade, Type FBS and all grades of ASTM C 62. These products also conform to the requirements of ASTM C 216.

Thin bricks are manufactured to provide specific dimensional tolerances. The dimensional tolerances of the product are intended to be within the requirements of ASTM C 1088, Type TBS for general use.

TBX type bricks might be available upon special request but are not displayed in our online store.

THE HILLS PORT JEFF from Brick It on Vimeo.

The Hills uses Durham Brick

Note: Product colors are illustrated as accurately as photographic & digital reproduction techniques allow. Final color selection should be made from actual product samples.

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