Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Brick It measure up against competition?

Overall services provided be Brick It are unmatchable by anyone in the country. Even though small and limited thin brick selections can be at times found in other places, they rarely meet customer’s satisfaction or time frame. Thin brick is a specialized product and other building supply yards are busy selling regular brick, cement, sand and other more popular masonry products. Further, finding a direct supplier that can provide large selection of thin brick, brick cutting service, installations system and great logistical solution to customers is something we didn’t find in the country. We even search it internationally. Remember, we manufacture the installation systems. Most desired Thin bricks by our customers are the ones cut out of full brick, and since we cut it ourselves, we have control over the process. We are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for majority of the products we sell and distribute.

What Is The Company Vision?

Brick-Its goal is to provide answers and solutions to thin brick industry customers, and to make products more accessible to everyone.

Who Invented Brick It System?

In the early 80’s, Ron Trezza, a local cladding contractor with an Accounting Degree and football player along the side of legendary Jim Brown conceived an idea of creating thin brick panel system. What prompted him to do so, was his constant struggle of thin brick installations. He created a prototype of the system, filed for patents and trademarks, and in 1985 thin brick panel system was officially on the market.