Frequently Asked Questions

What Tools Do I Use o Cut Thin Brick?
Bricks can be cut using a diamond blade. Tile saws are often used. However, we find a splitter to be a very useful tool.
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When Full Bed Brick Is Cut In To A Veneer, What Thickness Do You Cut Them At? How Thick Are They?

By default, we cut all our veneer to 3/4”. Upon request we can adjust the thickness to meet customer’s request. That especially becomes useful for architectural details such as decorative rowlock bands, coins and chimney details, etc.

Is Cut Brick Better Than Manufactured One?

Both are equally good products. We always say; if it’s available in thin brick, don’t cut it!

Are All Brick-It’s Thin Brick Veneer Cut Out Of A Full Brick? Why Bother Cutting?

We carry very large selection of manufactured Real Thin Brick veneers, but in order to extend the offerings to more unique colors and textures, we offer Brick Cutting Service.


Note: not all brick types can be manufactured in Thin Brick version.

What Does Brick It Do With All The Brick Waste Produced From Cutting?

We are environment friendly company. We recycle all of our brick waste. Some is used as base in road construction, and some is ground down and used as clay in baseball fields, tennis courts, etc.

How Many Thin Bricks Can I Get Out Of One Full Brick?

Depends, Extruded bricks produce only one Thin Brick or one Thin Brick Corner out of one Full Brick. Molded, Handmade and Reclaimed yields two Thin Brick Slabs or one Thin Brick Corner.

Can I Bring My Own Brick To Be Cut Into A Veneer?

Yes. In fact, our Brick Cutting Service is called BYOB – Bring Your Own Brick.


… or you can purchase it from us.

Can I Cut Full Bed Brick Into A Veneer Myself?

Every day, Industry professionals cut bricks on jobsites themselves. On a small scale, it is not a complicated process. However, if your job requires hundreds or thousands of cuts, we wouldn’t recommend it. You will run into issues with brick cut off waste, blade configurations and wastewater disposal. Depending on what equipment you will be using, each cut can take up to one gallon of water. This just does not compute to a reasonable outcome.

Cutting Full Brick Into A Thin Veneer Sounds Expensive. Is It?

We cut high volumes of full brick into a thin veneer using fully automated equipment. Our innovative process makes brick cutting very competitive to a manufactured thin brick. Especially, when we cut molded brick that yields two thin bricks out of a full one. Detailed quote will prove that to you.

Can You Get And Cut Full Brick That Is Not In Your Product Library?

Yes, we can. It will require a specialized quote. Please contact our staff for details.