Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Brick It Product Shipped? What Are The Shipping Methods?

The shipping method will depend on the order. Samples and small orders up to 150lb will be shipped using Parcel service like UPS or FedEx, most common orders will ship on pallets using LTL (less than a truckload) companies, and larger orders over 20,000 lb. will be shipped using FTL (full truckloads). We also can use Railroad and Sea Containers. Air shipping is rarely used due to the product weight. 

Like any other construction delivery service, most deliveries are limited to a “curb side” only.

What Should I Do If I Notice Shipment Damage?

If you notice any damage, you must document it. Please use the driver as your witness, take pictures, make notes on a bill of lading, and have the driver initial or sign them. Once you’ve documented it, please notify our customer service department. With your proper documentation, we will send you replacement as soon as possible, and deal with the shipping company ourselves later on. Please accept the delivery and do not discard any damaged material.

Can I Arrange My Own Shipping?

Yes, but this is rarely is beneficial to a customer.


Remember, in the event of material damage or shortage you’ll have to deal with the shipping company you have hired yourself. They will not discuss anything with us since we are not the party that hired them.

Can I Pick Up Material Myself?

Yes, but this might not work in some cases. Please ask…


Note: if the product is picked up at our NY location and third-party shipping company is not used, you are subjected to NY State Sales Tax.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Brick It Products?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that question. It will depend on the size of your order, distance that it has to travel, ship from location which is often determined by your choice of brick order size etc.


Every shipping rate is customized to each customer’s quote and specifications. Each quote is entered into a bidding pool where shipping companies compete for customer's business assuring the best possible price.

What Do I Have To Do When The Product Arrives?

Please inspect the shipment. Look for any signs of damages that could have occurred during shipping. Locate packing slip pouch, remove shipping documents and check quantities.


Everything leaves our warehouse in perfect condition.


If you have purchased our cut brick:

Masonry wet saws are used to cut the veneer and due to that process, some moisture might be present. Therefore, this specific product is always cut to a specific order, shipped immediately, and its intended to be unpackaged and installed by customer asap, allowing proper and natural exposure to the surrounding environment.

Do I Have To Pay Sales Tax On Shipping?
Generally, charges for shipping or delivery that a seller includes on its bill are taxable if the product or service that is being shipped or delivered is taxable. The terms shipping and delivery also include charges identified by terms such as transportation, handling, or postage.

Laws might vary depending on the state but NY State explains it in details here: