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Product Samples
Often, a small sample board is sufficient for determining the final selection. However, when large quantities of brick are to be erected, the prudent owner, general contractor, mason contractor, a distributor should direct or request that the final selection be made from a field panel (also known as a field sample or mock-up). A field panel is typically constructed as a freestanding element that will later be torn down when the project is complete. Usually, a quantity of brick equal to approximately 15 square feet will be used for the construction of the freestanding field panel. Use our material calculator to purchase materials for this purpose. 

Typically, the general contractor and mason contractor are responsible for preserving and maintaining the integrity of the field panel which is considered the project standard for bond, mortar, workmanship and appearance and as the standard for comparison until the masonry has been completed and accepted by the owner or the owner's representative.

Product Samples are available on our our website. You can also contact us for any special arrangements.

Each brick product page offers a place to order brick samples, and mortar color channel sample is located under the mortar tab. 
I was installing thin brick and now I have some cement smears on the face of it. How do I clean it off?
When installed properly and needle, your veneer shouldn’t need any cleaning. Occasionally some brick might require light rinse with light to mild strength cleaning solutions. Please follow the cleaner’s manufacturer recommendations.

We do offer some of the products here:

For further information I’d like to refer you to the leader of that industry – Prosoco. Their website address is

Caution! - please follow manufacturer’s recommendations but before applying any chemicals to your veneer please test the results and a mocked-up wall to make sure you’re satisfied with the results. Most applications are irreversible.