Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I receive multiple order conformations?

Any changes or adjustments to your current order will be conformed by new/current order conformation document. Multiple smaller shipment created from one order is a good example of that.

What’s an order conformation?

Order Conformation confirms the material quantities and agreed price of your order. It might be delivered to you in the form of a print, PDF or an email

What’s a picking slip?

Picking Slip is Brick-It’s internal warehouse’s document that orders are packed from. This document generaly doesn’t concern our customers.

I have placed one order but received multiple invoices, why?

Brick It issues Invoices based on what is shipped (not ordered). You can expect to receive one invoice for each shipment.

What’s a packing slip?

Packing Slip is a document created in our warehouse upon order shipment. It confirms quantities shipped, NOT ordered! Those are two different things that do not always match.

I have paid for my order; why did I receive an Invoice?

Invoice is issued based on the material shipped and not on the prepayment. Even if the order has been prepaid, invoice will be generated for each shipment.

Can I receive an Invoice before I place an order?

Upon request, you can receive a “Pro Forma Invoice”. This is just a different name for an Order Conformation and all final Invoices will still be generated and sent to you for each shipment that occurs.

We advise against usage of Pro Forma Invoice as your final Invoice. In order for your paperwork to match ours perhaps you should consider to:

  • Issue a Purchase order to Brick It for the correct material quantities and price
  • Based on that PO, generate a Prepayment to Brick It
  • Physically count the material upon arrival and compare it to Brick-It’s Packing Slips
  • Upon Brick It’s Invoice arrival, apply all collected information and documents to each other.

This practice will insure proper material and tracking throug the entire process.

Does Brick It issue account Statements?

Brick It issues account statements bi-weekly. You will only receive it if there are is an open balance on the account.

Account activity statements can be obtained by request.