Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I make a Purchase?

Product Samples:
Brick, Mortar and Stone Samples can be purchased online at any time or by contacting our office Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:30pm

Product Purchasing:
Products should be purchased by contacting us directly during our regular business hours Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:30pm. Costs assessments heavily rely on accurate understanding that takes into consideration the product’s choice, its manufacturing plant, job site location and the size of the order. It’s always best to talk to us so that we can skillfully match product solution, advise on availability based on your circumstances, and come up with most economical freight solution for your project’s location.

Product Quoting and Job Bidding:
Product quoting is available for repeat customer only who are familiar with our products and freight logistics. Such customer can build their own product configurations on our website and get the prices for their job bidding purposes.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes. We sell to anyone that is on the market for Thin Brick Products.


We do not Install. It is highly unethical to compete with our own customers.

FYI, we have experience in masonry contracting field. Brick It panel system was originally developed for our own use. We don’t just sell it. We have used it ourselves before we started selling it. It works!


We do have a 3,000 square feet physical showroom at our Hauppuage location and a website for all of our distant clients.

What is the lead time?

Lead time of a product will depend on the brick. Typically bricks that are in stock will ship within 3 business days. Shipping date of a brick veneer that is cut out of the the full brick will depend on the schedule of our wet shop which constantly changes (aprox. 7-15 business days) All out of stock or special order brick will typically take between 8-12 weeks. No worries, we are usually pretty successful with finding alternative options if necessary.


You can request Samples on our our website. You can also contact us for any special arrangements.

Can I receive a catalogue of all Brick it products?

Catalogs are a thing of a past and we no longer print them. Besides, our website is over a thousand pages long. Can you imagine the catalogue? Let’s save a tree…

Is thin brick cheaper than the full brick?

Thin veneers and full veneers have their own separate, well respected place in the construction industry. We always say that thin brick should never be viewed as a cheaper alternative to full brick veneer. It should be used in areas where full brick can not be used or where installation of a brick shelf (steel or concrete) is challenging and/or very expansive. Thin Brick can deliver a lot of solutions to your structural challenges.

Does Brick It have a distributor in my area?

Most of our resellers do not sell enough of the product to keep it in stock. Some even order samples from us online on per request bases as the need arrives. In most likely scenario your order would ship from the same “ship from” point anyway.

You have obviously found us and visiting our website. Wouldn’t be easier just to order a sample yourself, and eliminate that extra level of complexity of having another “middle man” and additional cost?

What’s Brick-It’s Return Policy?

We pride ourselves in our products and we guarantee our customers new and high quality products. We recognize the fact that customers do not expect to receive materials that were returned or left over from previous projects, therefore we do not except returns on any of the commodity products we offer. Due to the nature of commodity business such as economics, lot discrepancies, etc., all sales are final. Your order alteration might or might not be possible in the early stage (24-48 hours) and will depend on the product ordered, as all orders are being almost immediately processed though our system, materials being sourced, bricks being cut etc. All orders not picked up, or not delivered due to customer’s fault within 60 days of being “ready to ship” will be discarded and fully invoiced to customer.